How to add a link to an image within a text box in Beaver Builder

This article is a guide on how to make the images within a text box linkable.

1. Log in to Wordpress and open the page where you want to make the changes in.

2. Open Beaver Builder (top left corner).

3. Hoover over on one of the boxes and choose 'Info Box Settings'.


4. Choose 'Link' in the new box that just popped up.


5. Select 'Complete Box' in the Type of Call to Action and Save the box once selected


6. Once you selected 'Complete Box' a new set of setting will appear below.

7. Insert the link you want visitors to be redirected to under the 'Link', also if you want the window to open in a new page, change it in the 'Link Target'.


8. Finally, Save the box, Done on the page (top right corner of the page) and Publish all the changes.